The case for ORIGINAL ARTWORK..."Synthesis", 24 x 24, acrylic

Just about heading out the door to complete my studio set up for the Crawl (which starts at 5pm).  many of my artist friends are also in the Eastside Culture Crawl area and the anxiety gets pretty high right about now. While we paint for the love of the act, selling is what pays for the studio rent and materials. A concern expressed by some recently is the number of people selling 'prints' vs original work. I know that when I see people walking around with a print  in a plastic bag I feel a bit disappointed because I have original pieces available for the same price as that print...but people buy prints at Ikea and Walmart, too, so whatever makes them happy. I have many pieces of affordable original work by a wide variety of artists, and only one print graces my wall...a large museum quality print of "Ecstasy" by Maxfield Parrish. I've had a print of this on my walls for over 45 years, originally it was just a poster. Some things have staying power.


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