Blog is now: hope

Look at my heading! Blogger literally 'lost' my former blog which was :, which still comes up on a search, but I cannot post to it. What is REALLY weird, is that I can post to this NEW blog ( FROM the post tab of the OLD blog. Now this is of no interest to most people, but if you blog, this is a veritable nightmare. My few, but much appreciated followers are floating out there in never-never-find-Ceci-land...very frustrating! But life is good and this is of little importance in the big picture of things.

Now to the art. This is a dyptych with each section being 12" x 24". It is is acrylic and collage on deep canvas panels (nameless, so far), and it is hanging on the wall of the studio,in preparation for Vancouver's Eastside Culture Crawl Nov 15-18, 2018. This is the largest art and culture event in the City and 2018 is the 22nd year for this event.


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