They lost my Blog!!! (and new work)

For many years I have had my blog as Ceci Lam Paintings on! I can go see it, but I cannot add to it, and when I try to sign into Blogger, it tells me that I am not the author of any blog and do I want to start a new one...well! After days of trying to sort this out, I figured it might be easier to create a new blog. Who knows? Alas...

Anyhoooo, here is a recent piece done in oil with cold wax medium on Multimedia Art Board, 12" x 16". This will be mounted onto a board, and is available.

I have painted in oils for many years, and used cold wax as a medium for about six it has exploded as 'the' latest 'thing'. While I do love painting and creating abstracted work with this combination of paint and medium, I also use the cold wax medium when painting more representationally, usually with an abstract approach.

This painting is multi-layered and distressed. As much as I enjoy looking at work that sometimes appears just random, I know my own approach to working is usually more measured, with an aspect of control. It's a fine line to not cross into making a painting that looks contrived or over-planned, while still showing that thought and intent were applied. oh...and please follow my NEW blog. Thanks!


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